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We supply brass, stainless steel, and plastic fittings. If your application moves fluid or air, we probably have the solution for you. We can help find what you need whether you are looking for plumbing, air brake, pneumatic, or other applications. We have everything from garden hose fittings, to valves, flare fittings, nylon tubing, and more. Many of our brass fittings are Made in USA.  

Our site is based on names of parts and visual navigation.  If you look to the left on this page, you will find a list of names running down the left side of your screen.  Put your cursor over a name and click your mouse.  A series of pictures will appear.  Find a picture that looks like your part.  Keep clicking on pictures till you get to a part that looks like yours.  You will find a list of sizes for the part that looks like yours.  If you are not sure how to measure a part, please go to our "how to" section at the top of the page.

We have over 800 types of parts and with many different sizes.  In total, we carry over 8000 fittings. Our inventory contains millions and millions of parts. If you have a fitting need, we probably have a solution.

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